Here is our route this year.  We will have directions printed out the day of.  We are working on adding a stop in the middle for those with little tanks (like me) and those that need a potty break.


2018 National Armed Forces FreedomRide – total 156 Miles

Route there: 86 miles

Left on Hess

Left on Parker Rd 27.3 miles to Palmer Divide Ave (County Line Rd / 404) – there are 6 stoplights between Takoda Tavern and Franktown (6.9 miles) – blockers needed

Right on Palmer Divide Avenue (County Line Rd / 404) – 7.5 miles to Spruce Mountain

Left on Spruce Mountain and then an IMMEDIATE RIGHT onto Hwy 105

North on Hwy 105 – 23 miles to SH 67

Right on SH 67 – .6 miles to Santa Fe (Stoplight here – blockers needed)

Left on Santa Fe – 9.9 miles to C470

Left on C470 – 10.2 miles to Quincy Avenue

Right on Quincy Avenue – 6.4 miles to Sheridan Blvd

Left on Sheridan Blvd – .6 miles to SECOND entrance of Fort Logan National Cemetery

RETURN 70 miles

Left out of cemetery

Right on Quincy

East C470

Exit Santa Fe

Left on Daniels Parkway